About Us

Awaken Performing Arts was started by wife and husband team, Katie and Mac Fox, as a place where everyone interested in dance or acting could flourish. They opened Awaken with the idea that every young artist that walks through our doors has a unique potential in them, and deserves to be recognized for that potential. The individual growth of every student is our number one priority.

Awaken isn’t a place for cliques. We don’t follow the “Dance Mom’s” attitude; we don’t believe in favoritism and we believe in supporting our students with full hearts. At Awaken, everyone is given the opportunity to learn, have fun, and make friends, while still being challenged to learn and grow. It doesn’t matter if a student takes one class or twenty, Awaken is a place that everyone can call home!

The efforts of our teachers is another way Awaken is set apart. Our teachers have over seventy years of combined experience, in everything from ballet to hiphop to musical theatre. Our teachers are in constant communication about our students, so we’re always getting a clearer picture of how best to help them grow. This collaboration ensures the best possible outcome for the young artists we teach. 

At Awaken, every student can count on three things:

They'll be welcomed by the whole family!

They'll get personal attention from their teachers!

They'll be challenged and learn something new!