Acting Courses


Beginning/Intermediate Acting

This class is an all levels class to acquaint students with basic acting principles and allow us to assess different skill levels. It is also for last years beginning actors to expand their skills. This class is for ages 8+


Advanced Acting

This class is for older students with more experience. Inquire at the front desk for more information
on level placement for this class. This class delves into Shakespearean technique and college level
course work.


Theatre Improv

Improv is essential to being on stage. If your child wants to try out acting or isn't sure if it's for them we suggest improv as a start. It is also great if you have a shy child and simply want to help them break out of their shell. Theatre improv is taught through a series of games; some very simple, others more complicated. But they all inspire creativity and helping a child shine. For ages 10+  (In session 2 we will divide this class into a younger group ages 7-11 and an older age group 12+)


Stage Combat

Stage combat is focused on the art of using stage safe weapons on stage. In theatre, combat is an extension of dialogue, so stage combat students focus on using combat as an extension of their acting. Safety and partner care are heavily emphasized in this class.



Awaken offers viewpointing to the older members of the Awaken Dance Ensemble and various other students upon review. Viewpointing is a technique of physical improv that focuses on nonverbal communication and exploration of the group dynamic. Viewpointing was created as a way for actors to relate to each other and relate to their space, as well as learn how to create new work. Experience students only, inquire at the front desk if your student is interested.