Awaken Dance Ensemble


This is the motto of Awaken Dance Ensemble.

This competition team does not hold auditions. However if you are new to our studio and are interested in competing, or have competed at previous studio's we encourage you to come to summer classes and show us what you've got. Also make your desire's known to Miss Katie, and she can assess your readiness to compete.

We approach competition very differently than most studios. At Awaken the words "who are we up against" are not allowed. The reason we choose to compete is to perform and be critiqued at a higher level, not to "beat" others. As well as to see other amazing works of other studios to inspire us. We cultivate our team without the cut-throat attitude that competition can often foster, rather we aim for high standards of work ethic and artistic thinking. When we go to competition we do not try to win over others; our goal is to win over ourselves; to do better than we did before, and to earn a sense of positive accomplishment. 

This attitude does not work for everybody, but if this is the environment you are looking for in competition we may be the place for you.

This is an invitation only ensemble.
This ensemble is a year-long commitment.

As a member of this ensemble dancers are expected to be a representation of Awaken Performing Arts, as role models for younger students and as impressive young adults and artists wherever we travel. Awaken strives to cultivate a big family of love, support, and the freedom to create and take risks without fear of failure or embarrassment.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

– Einstein