Dance Courses



We suggest that any student interested in dance start with a ballet class. Ballet is the foundation of all other styles and is the best source of preparation for every dancer regardless of age or experience.


Pointe work is exclusive to dancers with extensive ballet experience. If you are interested in Pointe please speak with our faculty about your child's readiness.


Tap is a timeless dance style. Found in classic movies, musicals, on Broadway, and even in current movies such as Happy Feet. Tap is also a great alternative for a little boy who wants a drum set.


Lyrical, also known as Contemporary is
a fluid dance style. We emphasize the storytelling aspect and connecting with
an audience.


Heels is a commercial jazz class blending jazz, hip hop and musical theatre to teach real world experience for dancers. The skills taken to music videos or live shows.


This non recital class improves student turns, leaps, flexibility and general dance training. ^ Must have taken at least two years of ballet prior to this class.

Musical voice

If your child has ever been interested in Glee or if they are simply a ham, this is the class for them. In our musical theatre classes your child will be working on vocal technique while also learning the stamina it takes to dance simultaneously. 

bitsy classes

Our bitsy classes are for little ones ages 4-6 who want to try out dance. We offer bitsy ballet, tap/jazz,  and musical theatre.


Modern meets somewhere between the structure of ballet and the free form of lyrical. Modern is a classic style still highly emphasized in the college and professional dance world however it has been lost amongst the trendier styles. Many dancers enjoy the very different angles and shapes of modern. There is nothing quite like it!




Our "Cirque Du Soleil" themed classes combines acrobatics, contortion training and theatrics to become your child's new favorite class.


In breakdancing you will not only learn tons of new tricks but also gain great upper body strength and get to explore your own creativity.