Dress code

At Awaken we are very firm in our dress codes. This is to ensure your child has the most successful experience at Awaken Performing Arts. Hair must always be pulled backed and out of face. Students in clothing such as jeans or with hair down will not be able to participate in class.



Bitsy: Students need to wear a leotard and tights with pink ballet shoes. Skirts and leo color is optional.
Mini/Interm/Teen/Advanced/Pointe: black leotard, pink tights, pink shoes.


Black leotard, booty shorts, bare legs and feet. Convertible tights are acceptable.

Musical Theatre/Acting/Improv 

Bitsy: Moveable clothing and black jazz shoes.
Mini/Teen Musical Theatre: ALL BLACKS and black character shoes.
Acting/Theatre Improv: ALL BLACKS and bare feet.


Bitsy: Moveable clothing and black jazz shoes.
Mini/Interm/Teen/Advanced: Moveable clothing and tan jazz shoes.


Moveable clothing and black tap shoes.

Hip Hop

Moveable clothing and black sneakers.


Moveable clothing and foot undiez, or half sole shoes.


Students need to be in a leotard and booty shorts. This class requires bare legs and bare feet for safety purposes. Sports bras and booty shorts are acceptable for ages 12+

This year we have set up an easy online site to buy all of your class wear needs.  Simply go to http://www.curtaincallforclass.com/login and you’ll be asked for our studio’s passphrase. 
Our passphrase is: myawaken2015

Be sure that if you are a bitsy that you select the bitsy option, e.g. “Bitsy Tap” rather than just “Tap.”

Unfortunately this program does not have black character shoes available, if you need those check out this link here or here.