For our full year classes, prices are based on the length of the class.


Our class prices are as follows:

30 minutes: 

$30 a month

45 minutes: 

$35 a month


Unlimited classes: $195 per month

Additional student at unlimited +$85


1 hour:

$40 a month




Is there an end of year production?

Yes! Awaken's recital is in June. Each class will have a dance or scene that they will perform in the show. These pieces will start being taught in January after Christmas break, so at this time we do not allow changing your class schedule so your child may be best prepared for the performance. Each year's recital has a theme that all the pieces will follow. 

What will be required of my child in the end of year production?

Each group will have a costume ordered for them for their performance piece. This costume will require a deposit of $40 due in January. These are ordered through catalogs and take some time as they are specially made. There will also be a few dress rehearsals the days leading up to the show. Optional mementos from the end of year show include group photo packages that you may purchase as well as t-shirts, trophies, etc.

Does the cost change in months with holiday breaks?

No, monthly tuition will remain the same regardless of holiday breaks (we only take off Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and Spring break). 

How does the typically season work?

We take Sept-December for the students find the best classes for them and set their schedule, as well as work on technique and skills. After the winter break, they begin choreographing their performance piece and memorizing them. In the Spring, costumes arrive, then in June we perform the recital. Then they have the summer to take summer classes.

How do I prepare my child if they want to do competitions?

We suggest that you take ballet, jazz and lyrical. These are the best classes to prepare for the kind of routines we compete. Please also make your desire known to Miss Katie and she can work on your child's readiness.

Where does the end of year show take place?

We will be having our show at the South Kitsap High School theatre.

 Do you rent out your space?

We wdefinitely offer rental space. Price varying on your needs. We have rented out for small gatherings as well as large scale kid friendly raves. We will also be hosting Sunnyslope PTA’s Halloween Haunted House this year. Let us know your needs and we will work with your budget for rentals.